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Students who want to become doctors one day are tempted with the idea of accelerated medical programs. They and their parents may have the right idea because some of these programs can last for only six years. However, they should first conduct some research on these programs. The aspiring medical student must also look into his/her personality, capability, goals and school records.

Know if Medicine is Really for You

Are you sure you want to become a doctor? It will take a lot of dedication to finish medical school and even more so to finally work as a doctor. Even the six years of an accelerated medical program will stretch long if you don’t really like the course.

Check Your School Records

Are your grades enough to get you into medical school? Will they be enough for an accelerated medical program? Obviously, a high GPA will be required to get into a medical program. Also, there are some medical programs that only accept the top five or top ten percent students of the graduating class. Medical schools may also more likely choose students who have been picking relevant science subjects in high school.

Consider Your Lifelong Goals

If you don’t get into an accelerated medical program, will you still pursue medical school? If you are pretty serious about such a goal and see yourself as a doctor in the long term then you may go on with your medical school dreams. Trying out for an accelerated medical program will not hurt with this frame of mind.

Good grades, high proficiency in the sciences, a true calling in the medical sciences and proper medical school research are the right ingredients for pursuing an accelerated medical program.


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