Excellent expository essay topics for your paper

  • Date: November 29, 2021
Excellent expository essay topics for your paper

Are you learning to write? or, are you writing for something specific like a school/college project? If you just want to get your hand fluent in expository essay writing, start with an essay about your city. Write a couple of paragraphs about the daily things that an essay writer sees. This helps you focus on the details of everything you just do not notice in your routine life.

The selection of topics in essay writing or, more specifically, expository essay writing depends on you. If you can pick the topic, write about something that you enjoy, something that you love. If you have to write an essay on a book, choose a topic that fascinates you.

For instance, In Benito Cereno, there is a slave named ‘Babo’ who overrules his “master”. If you enjoy talking about why slavery is wrong or sinful, you can use that as your focal point in your essay.

Still, confused? Allow me to provide you with some important expository essay topics which you can use for practice and build your exposition on.

Global or National Issues: A death of a public individual, a terrorist attack, a horrendous crime, a frightening situation of a certain part of the population (a good example for that can be about the dozens of millions of homeless immigrants and refugees around the world). Something in which you believe should be changed for the better good. Your own opinion about a certain politician or party regarding their public and state decisions.

Historical Events: If there is, somewhere in the world, a certain holiday which is practiced today, a few days ago or in the close future. You can write about its history, what it symbolizes, and what lessons and insights we all could learn from those celebrations (or memorial days. If they are not days which were meant for happiness, but for mourn and remembrance). Perhaps an Independence Day of a certain country, or a birth/death of a historical figure, a certain battle or war which was declared/settled in a certain yet close date.

Anecdotes: Some say there is no such thing in life but the daily life of each person. Think of something which everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, etc, can relate to. This is important because it symbolizes the universality of the community or nation’s population, if not the entire world. Usage of technology can be a good example since it is a very relevant issue due to its importance and the various roles it has for everyone in the civilized regions of the globe.

Problems That Need Solution: Think of a problem that is left un-dealt with and think ‘why’. This can be a category where one needs not only to state their opinion but to elaborate in order to convince the public or the authorities to try and solve a certain issue. An issue that requires an immediate solution before it’s too late. It can be even technical problems which may embody the potential of terrible, if not dangerous, results. This category requires proof or at least a set of logical examples in order to bring your point across.

Philosophical Insight/s: Even though it is a hard-to-read material, philosophy is always relevant to everything anytime. This is because philosophy presents universal questions, issues that are relevant to any civilization, and every individual.

Even if you may not reach a clear solution, presenting a philosophical issue can do enough fine to get people to contemplate and to develop their deep-thinking skills.

For the sake of practice, I am going to provide you with some topics for your expository essay. Here is the list:

  1. Nuclear weapons are not a great peril but also great hope?
  2. Frailty, thy name is a woman.
  3. Environmental degradation has become a big issue in contemporary times.
  4. Gender equality is a myth.
  5. Colonizing mars; a groundbreaking revolution
  6. Artificial intelligence could prove to be the greatest enemy of mankind.
  7. What did we learn from the two world wars?
  8. Nations are born in the hearts of poets and intellectuals.
  9. How far have we complied with UNO for achieving SDGs?
  10. Poverty is a third world issue?
  11. Libraries have lost their importance in the age of the internet.
  12. The new war fronts lie in the economic zones.
  13. Covid-19 has exposed the hidden vulnerabilities of the developed world
  14. Physical education: Is it important or a waste of time?
  15. Are we dependent on machines now?

Apart from the subject, you should remember that you may have a certain amount of words or pages to reach if this is a formal assignment. It is wise to aspire and reach the best you can to the limit you were asked for, for the optimum grade and evaluation. Do not exceed it because it may harm your grade.

Additionally, if you are not good at the art of exposition, you must take help from professional writers. So, neither waste your time nor risk your grades. Just find some reliable essay writing service online and get your work done. Or, you can ask a writing service to provide you with some of the samples for the sake of practice.

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