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Essay prompt

Television has a significant influence on our lives. To what extent would you say that this is a positive development?

Sample response

Television has played a significant role in shaping up our worldviews. Besides entertaining us, television helps us learn many new things. However, there is a debate whether this influence is positive or negative. While there are strong feelings on both sides of the argument, my personal view is that the influence of television on our society is largely positive.

Some people believe that television has a negative effect on cultural development. That is probably because several programs aired on television are of low quality. Those mega serials do not teach people anything; they simply leave them entertained. There is yet another argument against the influence of television. Because people spend a lot of time in front of their television sets, they do not get enough time to participate in traditional forms of cultural entertainment.

A case in point is the dwindling popularity of traditional dancing and music. Because people are staying at home watching television, these events now see the participation of fewer people.

On the other hand, television has assisted cultural development in many ways. First, it made cultural entertainment accessible to everybody. For example, before the advent of television only a small section of the society could go to the ballet, opera or theater. Now everybody can enjoy these programs on the television. What’s more, television also helps us to learn more about other cultures and societies because there are so many educational programs and documentaries about other countries.

My personal opinion is that the influence of television on our cultural development is largely positive. However, it is important that we watch the right sort of programs. If we watch programs that have little or no educational value and if we spend a lot of time in front of television, we will become couch potatoes.

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