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I came from an island called Hong Kong of which Britain handed control back to China in 1997. In the years since, Hong Kong has continued its rise to become one of the leading economic enters of the Pacific Rim. It can attribute its success largely to economic freedom associated with English-speaking business environment. As a gateway though which east meets west, Hong Kong has a special feature of multi-languages for which people are capable of processing English and Chinese. This mastery also contributes to effective global communication where the language barrier can be overwhelmed.

When I was a child, my mother always said that learning other languages can expand one’s universe to have a life filled. Although she was illiterate, she was insightful in grasping the key issue that led her to gain new skills with ease. In her early twenties, she learned to speak three languages which offered her a chance to work aboard. After 10 years of experiences, she returned to her country where she ran a small gift shop selling souvenirs for 2 years. My father met my mother while he was on his business trip to her home country.

During the 90s, English language education in Hong Kong was taken seriously. Most parents desired their child to be proficient in not only their native language, but also their second language. They were willing to spend money on English tutor, believing that their child could get extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom. Like those parents, my mother engaged a tutor to help my English in reading, writing, listening and speaking. However, I felt bored with its tedious rules so that I devoted all my attention to mathematics and science, both of which were interesting and intriguing to me at the time.

After high school graduation, I determined to give up my advanced education and to head straight into the workforce. My first job was working in a toy company orientated their products toward the local market. They seldom used English as a means of communication for the reason that it was satisfied to use Chinese in most situations. With several years of experiences, I found a job as a logistics executive in the US-based company. The duty was to take charge of the co-ordination work for all incoming and outgoing shipments around the world. The strong communication skill played a vital role in this position, for which fluency in written and spoken English was essential. In all case, I had to send and receive up to hundred emails a day. The workload might possibly enhance my ability in English, but I always felt inadequate in my speaking and writing skills.

Last year, I received a notice of that my immigration to the states was accepted. My mother encouraged me to take this opportunity to set a goal and consider it a chance to discover more about myself. And now, I have immersed myself in the real-life experience to stick to American English and recognized my passion in being involved through everything aerospace. So, I intend to major in aerospace engineering. In each semester, I do set myself a target of reading a certain amount of books, writing short stories and so forth. With the aim of improving my skills, I hope that my dream becomes more of a reality.

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