Easy Tips for Writing English Papers

  • Date: November 26, 2021
Easy Tips for Writing English Papers

The exercise of writing papers can be cumbersome for most of the students. Writing papers is completely different from reading a book where you can open a book and start your work straight away. Writing a paper can have many different parts and each part may present a different challenge to the writer. In the following guide, we will take a look at the guidelines for writing an English language paper.

Selecting a topic

You may choose a topic of your interest in writing a paper if your instructor has not specified any topic for you. There should be enough research done on the topic in the past to provide an idea of the whole paper. Another consideration is the exact level for which the paper is written. This includes the academic as well as the proficiency level of the language. A paper on the analysis of poetry will have a different topic as compared to the development of English as a language.


The introduction sets the tone for the whole paper. You should have done thorough research about the topic before you start writing the research paper. A good introduction will grab the attention of the reader and force him to read through the whole paper. At the end of this section, the writer should come up with a thesis statement for the essay. An online essay writing service can provide expert help to create thesis statements for English papers. It may be beneficial because all the remaining parts of the essay will depend largely upon this thesis statement.


The next step is to provide the evidence in support of the thesis statement. This should be done with the help of past research. This section will need references from the other researchers to support the point of the writer. If the paper is about some critique, the opinion of the writer mustn’t go to the background. You should use the opinion of critiques partially. Another important aspect of this section is the continuity.

All the paragraphs written in this section should be interconnected. Some specific words can be used to interconnect the paragraphs and maintain the flow in writing. If you are analyzing a piece of literature, this section will identify its different characteristics and relate them to the thesis statement.

To develop acceptable arguments, the writer should outline before the actual essay is written. The outline should be written in the order in which you want to write the essay. This will also help you in assessing the available resources. The topics with the minimum resources will be identified and you can consult the library to get them. The outline will also allow the writer to get the relevant quotes about the topics selected. To verify if the outline is appropriate, writers can get the services of an essay writer to get a professionally crafted outline. This will help writers in many ways. The biggest benefit will be that the writer will have a defined path to follow throughout the paper.


This is the last section of the paper that helps the writer to conclude the discussion on the topic. This section finds the relation between the research question and the evidence provided in the previous section. The answer to the research question is stated in this section according to the evidence provided. It is a very important section of the paper because some readers may jump to this after reading the research question. They want to see if the question has been answered here.

After reading the answer, they may go back to see the quality of evidence provided by the writer. The relevance of the evidence also plays an important part in ascertaining the quality of the paper. Remember, if the paper is about some particular piece of literature, the conclusion should summarize the whole argument made about the subject.

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