Easy Guide to Write a Reflective Essay

  • Date: November 25, 2021
Easy Guide to Write a Reflective Essay

Writing is art yet with practice you can become a pro. So an essay writer is staring at the laptop’s screen and shakily hovering over the lifeless buttons of the laptop’s keyboard after being assigned with an assignment to write a reflective essay.

Your mind must be full of queries like where should I start my essay? How should I end my essay? Can I do my essay on time without making mistakes? It can indeed seem a daunting task. So if you are struggling to write a reflective essay then I am here to help you out. Below is a complete guide to writing a reflective essay that will help you craft an effective essay.

Before we jump right into the guidelines let’s just recap what reflective is? A reflective essay is a type of essay in which you examine your life experience and explain the motivation and circumstances behind that experience and what you learned from it. Sounds simple right. But it isn’t that simple of a task in fact it is challenging.

The reason why it is not easy to write a reflective essay is that you never know when nostalgia hits you and you become too overwhelmed that you deviate from the essay prompt. However, if you follow proper guidelines then you can also master the art of writing a reflective essay.

What can you write in a reflective essay?

In a reflective essay, you are free to write about various subjects such as:

  • A real-life experience
  • Fiction (something that you imagined) for instance: living near the beach.
  • A place or an object
  • Something you have either watched, read, seen, or heard.

How to start the writing process?

If you nail this part, then essay writing will be as easy as ABC. Before you kick start the writing process brainstorm first. In this part, all you need to do is analyze the topic from various perspectives and plan to gather data. The next step is doing research. You must find the sources that you will be used to support your claim and then filter out the more relevant ones. After performing thorough research, prepare an outline, and start writing. See it’s not that difficult. Isn’t it?


Obviously, to an essay, you need an introduction but in a reflective essay, this part plays a critical role. It is the chance where you can grab readers’ attention with a catchy hook. You can either start your essay with a confession or something emotional that connects the readers. However, make sure that your hook is not too overwhelming for the readers.

The second part of the introductory paragraph is a thesis statement that serves as a building block for your essay. Be precise and avoid using clichés rather than write in simple English. Also, don’t claim anything that you can’t support and don’t over exaggerate things.

Body paragraphs

In reflective, there are no right and wrong answers so you have the leverage to write an essay as you desire. In body paragraphs, you need to mention the background since readers are not aware of your life. Providing background information regarding an event or an object on which you are writing an essay can help the readers understand better.

You also need to mention the reasons why certain incidents happened and why you reacted in a certain way or why the object that you are writing an essay on is important etc.

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Like any other essay type, you need to restate the thesis statement and summarize the body paragraphs. However, you also need to mention what lesson you learned or how your life changed due to certain things, people, and events.

Remember! This is your last chance to make an impression on the readers so don’t waste this opportunity.

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