Dissertation Topic Selection Process

  • Date: February 15, 2021
Dissertation Topic Selection Process

Selection of a dissertation topic is not a negligible issue. In fact, it is the most important activity in dissertation writing. The students should go for a dissertation topic that interests them and that has enough researchable material associated to it. Students should not go for a dissertation topic on which, no person has written ever because in that case, the student will face problem in terms of information collection. The selection of dissertation topic is not an imaginative activity. It is a properly pragmatic issue in which the student should think keeping his interest as well the available information in front of him/her. The dissertation topic should not be selected randomly or it will be problematic for the student to collect suitable and relevant information related to the topic afterwards.

Before selection of a dissertation topic, the student should do an inquisitive and profound research. This kind of research can be done with the help of journals, books, articles, newspapers, essays and other written content. The student has to opt for several dissertation topics that are of his/her interest in the initial phase, and then he/she has to search related information for these dissertation topics. If the student gets the information and details pertaining to a dissertation topic of his/her interest, he/she must go for it and write a dissertation for that dissertation topic.

The dissertation topic that you select should be of your interest as well as for the readers’ interest. It is better that you select a dissertation topic that is current and contemporary so that the readers face no problem in its understanding and details’ analysis. When you decide on a dissertation topic, be sure that you will gather enough information and details that are required to write a full-fledged dissertation. After selecting a dissertation topic, the next job that you have to do, is to read related content from available written sources but while reading always, remember that you will not copy anything from a source. Make a bibliographic diary and write details about name of author, publisher, publication date, year of publication, book, article, journal, essay title and other details in your bibliographic diary, which will help you in giving references in your dissertation. A dissertation is incomplete without references so collect all references information. While writing details about sources in your bibliography, follow the academic writing pattern that you have set for your dissertation writing such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, Turabian and many more.

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