Discuss Different Types of Argument

  • Date: November 18, 2021
Discuss Different Types of Argument

For many of the high school students, it remains difficult to differentiate the type of argument. In many descriptive writings, the readers are often presented with various arguments and they sometimes get indulged in characterizing the type of argument. Just as there are many types of essays, an essay writer should know that there are many types of arguments as well. Primarily, you will see three types of arguments that are widely interrelated with the context of the essay. Often it becomes difficult to identify the type of argument, but once you understand the argument it becomes easy for you to comprehend the text under observation.

The three most common types of arguments you will often come to read are Toulmin, Rogerian, or Classical. These three arguments are always the basis for writing an analysis or developing the text. You will encounter these three arguments either directly or indirectly, but for many of you, it remains daunting to differentiate between the types of argument.

When writing an essay, you also need to focus clearly on what type of argument can serve your purpose, as any single type of argument is used in any writing. You just need to focus on what argument can serve your purpose or can satisfy the readers. Let us focus on these three types of arguments.

Toulmin Argument

The Toulmin method of argumentation is often used to develop analysis. This method is considered generally as it considers each aspect of any situation. Some instructors often require students to list down their components, but you just need to keep this in mind that its components are not apparent in every situation.

For example, as both Claim, and Rebuttal are its components, but in most of the sentences, they both are not present. As if you are referring to a natural phenomenon, it won’t require any claim or rebuttal. So, you just need to focus on what exactly is making the argument valid.

Rogerian Argument

Compared to the Toulmin method of argumentation, the Rogerian argument is a bit difficult and scientific. Many higher secondary students often avoid inhibiting Rogerian argument in their essay as it is considered a conflict preventing technique. It is always challenging to adopt a specific argumentation style out of different types of arguments. You just need to clarify this in your mind that whether it has become crucial to use the Rogerian technique of argumentation or not? Since for many of the student’s Rogerian argument becomes difficult to manage within the text. If you imply this style of argumentation, you will have to remain stick to its basic methodology that is often problematic to interpret.

Classical Argument

A classical argument is the simplest form of argumentation technique. This style implies the simplest manner of persuasion where you present some facts and back them through logic and reasoning. If you are asked to develop a simple persuasive essay, you just need to focus on a few things. These include your reference to the primary argument, your ability to interpret the argument, and your skill to back the claim through facts and reasoning. The classical argumentation technique is widely used in essays that include persuasive aspects for developing the content.

So now you have a clear idea about the types of arguments used in the essays. Despite having read about the argumentation techniques many students remain indulged in chalking the best technique of argumentation. You just keep this in mind that arguments should be generic and it must be kept in line with the general requirement of the essay.

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