Difference Between a Thesis and Dissertation

  • Date: January 30, 2022
Difference Between a Thesis and Dissertation

Do you ever get confused with a thesis and dissertation? Both of them are academic papers that ought to be written to pass your final semester.

Some people fail to understand the difference between the two terms and often use them interchangeably and get confused.

What is Thesis?

You must have overheard this word from masters students because they are often stuck with their thesis and in the final semester of your degree. The thesis is a professional document that has to be submitted to be eligible to get your academic degree. A student has to choose a research-based problem and ought to find a possible solution through their research and methodologies. It is a similar work as an essay but it contains more researched-based information and a solution to the problem.

What is a Dissertation?

The term dissertation is used less than a thesis. Anyhow, it is also a professional document that is required to be submitted during the doctoral level to be rewarded with an academic degree.

Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation

    1. 1. Fundamental Difference

The basic difference between the thesis and dissertation is that the thesis is a project that has to be submitted at the end of the Master’s program. In the final semester, Master’s Students have to complete their thesis and they have to follow the deadline in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience in completing their degree.

Students have to follow a proper format to write a professional and high-quality thesis work to get good grades in the final semester of their Master’s degree. The thesis is a research-based question and students have to find possible solutions by applying different methods. They have to prove their research was beneficial and you must have to come up with an appropriate solution to a chosen problem.

The dissertation is a professional document that occurs during the PHD degree. Writing a dissertation gives you an opportunity to come up with new theories and practices related to your area of the field. A dissertation or an essay writer has to introduce an entirely new concept like a new theory or an assumption about a topic related to their particular area of interest. They have to prove the worth of their invention and concept and how it can contribute to the existing knowledge.

    1. 2. Structural Differences

The structure of a master’s thesis dissertation is different from each other. A thesis is a kind of research paper that normally students write and get it published. The outline of a thesis is also similar to a research paper beginning from an introduction leading towards a literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion.

In the dissertation, you don’t use the work of other essay writers to refer it to your research. In fact, you have to come up with something innovative and unique on your own. The structure of the dissertation is different because you have to write hypotheses, your theory, explain the concept, and the information that is relevant to your invented theory.

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