Description Essay Writing Guide

  • Date: March 28, 2021
Description Essay Writing Guide

A description essay consists of description of some place, thing, subject, issue, aspect, phenomenon related to science, management, economics, psychology, philosophy, international relations, networking, information technology, computer studies, literature, healthcare, medicine, engineering, communication, business, relationships, sociology, current affairs, political science and many others. A description essay can be written for general things such as animals, plants, minerals, towns, countries, buildings, aspects and phenomena of nature, manufactured articles or for larger issues such as international affairs, nuclear treaties, scientific development, economic state of countries, fiscal policies, globalization, pollution, population and many more.

In a description essay, you have to describe and explain a topic with its full details so that the reader who is unaware of a topic should get aware after reading your written descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is unlike other essays because it accommodates a lot of details related to the core issue of the description essay topic. The students who are going to write a descriptive essay must remember this reality that their written descriptive essay should be logical, informative, structured and comprehensive so that the reader after reading the descriptive essay, consider it a worth activity in place of regarding it as illogical, unworthy and roughly scattered stuff.

Take an example of a description essay about pollution. Pollution is a major issue of today’s world. In your descriptive essay, you will include information about what is pollution, how we are adding to it instead of decreasing it, what factors are there which are responsible for creating pollution, what precautionary measures can we take to minimize pollution, how many types of pollution are there, who are the people who get most affected by pollution, its disadvantages to human and other living beings and what will be the after effects of increasing pollution day be day, etc. You can take one aspect or type of pollution and can describe it fully in your descriptive essay. You cannot accommodate everything and every aspect of pollution or your descriptive essay will be a descriptive book. For writing a descriptive essay, you have to take one issue or aspect and have to describe it until its extent. For instance, you write a descriptive essay about air pollution. In your descriptive essay about air pollution, you will describe what is air pollution, how it is caused, how it affects people, its increasing rate, its disadvantageousness for the living beings, how it can be controlled and minimized, etc.

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