Debate Types – Purpose and Tips

  • Date: November 15, 2021
Debate Types – Purpose and Tips

A debate is a structured and well-thought argument in which you speak for and against a specific topic. It is a great way of improving the skills of speaking and developing a convincing argument. Debate helps an essay writer to become a bold and confident person by developing a sense of empowerment and ownership. Remember! In a debate, you can’t afford to be boring as the main purpose of debate is to persuade people of your opinion. Therefore, the debate format should be one that adds nuance and flavor to the opinion being made.

There are different forms of debate, each with different styles and formats. Let us look at some most common types of debate to help you understand the essay writing online. In democratic societies, debates are used to resolve and explore problems and issues. Decisions at a public hearing, board meeting, local organization, and legislative assembly are usually reached through debate and discussion.

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Lincoln Douglas debates

This debate is specific as it has some distinct rules for a particular event. For example, Lincoln Douglas debates in 1958. All these debates were so important and influential that today there is a format of debate known as Lincoln Douglas Format. This type of format is used mainly for moral issues.

Judicial Debate

These types of debates occur in judicial settings of court. The main aim is to defend and prosecute people for some kind of crime.

Non-formal Debate

This type of debate does not have any particular style. Any form of disagreement that has no proper format of how to present an argument falls under this category. For example, classroom discussion or a child arguing with his parents.

Parliamentary Debate

The purpose of parliamentary debate is to attack or support potential legislation. Despite the name, the format of parliamentary debate is used in the US at different government levels. One of the most popular variations of this debate is known as the Asian Parliamentary debate style.

Academic Debate

This debate is used to build educational skills among participants. Most of the academic debate uses the format of Lincoln Douglas. Many organizations promote competitions of debates between schools. No matter what type of debate you are participating in. Here are some tips to make the debate a successful event.

Use relevant information

Do sufficient research to make sure that you grasp the debate topic well. For success in a debate, a well-thought logic is important therefore back your statements with logic and facts. If you are confused, ask others to write my paper for me.


Make sure that clarity is present in your arguments and thoughts. Keep in mind! The ability to clearly and concisely express complex problems is what debate is all about.

Assemble all arguments in sequence

Remember! the order in which your audience hears your arguments has a great impact on how they will perceive your debate. In academics, you mostly come across 5 paragraphs essays but this format is not appropriate for debate. The basic format for debates is based on Roman and Greek argumentative structures. The main steps are as follows.

Introduction: Express your opinion by telling your audience why the topic is important for you.

Fact Statement: Break down all important discussions into smaller parts. This is how you will clearly explain your opinion to the audience.

Proof or Confirmation: Draft your main arguments here and justify it with worked examples, basic logic, quotes, and statistics. Evidence or proof supporting your statement is what makes it a debate.


It is very important to acknowledge your opposition by giving some credibility to their arguments before challenging their views.


Combine all your main points and provide a statement on what you want your audience to think or do.

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