Critical Analysis Essay Guide

  • Date: February 11, 2021
Critical Analysis Essay Guide


What is a critical analysis essay?

A critical analysis essay is an essay in which the writer has to analyze or evaluate a written content critically. For writing a critical analysis essay, you must keep in mind that critical analysis essay writing does not mean that you start finding faults in a written work. In a critical analysis essay, you have to elaborate the features incorporated by the writer of some essay, research paper, article or book. While analyzing the features in a critical analysis essay, do not forget that you will look into the language used by the author, his/her style of delivering details and his/her subject matter along with his/her main focus. Your personal penchant or detestation should not come in your work of writing a critical analysis essay or your written critical analysis essay will appear as a prejudiced or bias activity. This type of inappropriate attitude should be avoided to write a good critical analysis essay.

Take an example of a literary work such as Hamlet. In writing a critical analysis essay on Hamlet, you will focus on its language, the characterization, way of deliverance of ideas and views, the major themes that are given by the author, the points of consideration the play such as madness of Hamlet, his late decision to avenge his father and many other aspects that one can find in the play. For writing a critical analysis, you will devote your attention towards one aspect only as the consideration of many aspects will spoil your critical analysis essay writing activity. For instance, if you take the issue of madness of Hamlet, you will incorporate information related to the issue of madness only and you will analyze only those aspects of the play, which deal with the concern of madness. While writing a critical analysis essay on Hamlet’s madness, you will write how the author of the play, William Shakespeare, depicted Hamlet and his madness. You will also take account of whether the apprehension in terms of madness is persuasive or not. Your critical analysis essay should show that you have devoted enough time in analyzing the play keeping the aspect of madness in view.

Your critical analysis essay on a subject will elaborate your skill. You have to investigate the writer’s style of writing without keeping a predetermined view about the writer and his/her writing. You should be neutral while writing a critical analysis essay. If you write a critical analysis essay being neutral or objective as Levis indicates, your critical analysis essay will be persuasive and eye catching. Take care about the inclusion of authorial comments to validate or rationalize your points in the critical analysis essay as they can make your critical analysis essay plagiarized if you refer to accessed content inappropriately.

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