Controversial Essay Writing Guide

  • Date: February 8, 2021
Controversial Essay Writing Guide


What is a controversial essay?

A controversial essay is an essay in which some controversy, some contentious issue, some litigious topic or some disagreement is highlighted. You are required to take one stance for writing a controversial essay. Go towards the pro stance towards writing a controversial essay or take an anti stance for writing. For any kind of demeanor, you have to collect information that is relevant and reliable. For collection of information, you can take help from journals, magazines, books, articles, essays and papers, which are for your guidance and support.

There can be many controversial issues on which a controversial essay can be written such as depiction of racial attitudes in a certain work, reliability and authenticity of Marxism, Feminism, post-structuralism, structuralism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis and others, universality of literature, objectivity, globalization, appropriation of green housing, effectiveness of nuclear weapons and so on.

For a well-balanced and logical controversial essay writing, you have to keep in consideration certain aspects in mind. Always divide a controversial essay in coherent and articulate sections. The controversial essay should start with an introduction, which should contain preliminary information related to the controversial essay topic. The introduction should also indicate the stance that you are going to take in further details of the controversial essay. After writing a sound introduction, proceed towards the discussion body, which should contain details related to the relevant issues of the controversial essay topic. All the details should be validated with justifying quotations and ideas from reliable and authentic sources. While giving validating and mitigating quotations, it should be kept in mind that you give fitting references in form of in text citation, endnotes, footnotes and a works cited page, otherwise, you will be blamed of academic theft—plagiarism, which leads you towards disqualification and disapproval.

There are many writing patterns set by international educationists such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian and many more, which you should take into account while writing a controversial essay or any other kind of writing. Never forget to write a convincing conclusion and detailed bibliographic or references page according to the writing pattern that you have selected for controversial essay writing.

How to write a Controversial Essay?

Controversial essay writing needs to be done with utmost care and skill as any incorrect or improper statement can make people hostile towards you as the topic is already about a contentious issue. For writing a controversial essay, you have to be well informed and conversant with the controversial essay topic and should give comments and ideas that are authentic and reliable. For writing trustworthy and valid ideas, you must conduct a thorough research, which keeps the ability of enabling you to justify your argument with adequate citations.

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