Comparative Essay Writing Guide

  • Date: March 16, 2021
Comparative Essay Writing Guide


What is a comparative essay?

A comparative essay is an essay in which different opposing or similar topics are compared in order to reach at a result in terms of betterment, advantages, disadvantages, influence, efficacy, establishment, development and many other aspects. Comparative essays are written nearly for all subjects such as finance, literature, psychology, politics, religion, marketing, industry, economics, social welfare, information technology, computer studies, networking, health care, medicine, engineering, mathematics, management, software development, philosophy, arts, culture, communication, current affairs, international relations, trading and so on. Take an example of a comparative essay on Shakespeare. A comparative essay on Shakespeare will compare any two or more dramas of Shakespeare in order to find out their similarities and differences. The metaphors, similes, imageries and language usage will also be analyzed to reach at a result in terms of dramatic structuring and overall analysis. Likewise, if you are writing a comparative essay on computer applications, you will differentiate those computer applications to reach at a result in terms of the beneficial one and will also notice the difference between two applications to identify which application can be used for which purposes and how can it prove itself beneficial for different working environments. Whether a comparative essay is written for literature or computer studies, it will contrast, differentiate and tell apart the issues that are set for comparison.

You will always introduce the topic of the comparative essay in your introduction and will state the thesis statement there. A thesis statement contains the main argument of your comparative essay. A thesis statement in a comparative essay is usually a one line statement around which the whole comparative essay should circulate. Divide your comparative essay into sections, which will make your comparative essay presentable and increase its comprehensiveness. If your comparative essay is written in simple words, it will be easy to comprehend the comparative. Always use a language that is simple and attention gaining in your comparative essay. Conclusion should always be there in a comparative essay because it makes your argument clear and lets you describe the result of your findings and research in a short area. The conclusion should be a summarized version of your whole comparative essay.

Whatever you write in your comparative essay, always justify it with authorial comments from publications that are relevant to your comparative essay topic. While adding authorial comments and ideas in your comparative essay, do not forget to give appropriate references that are needed in any contrast essay, critical essay, analysis essay, narrative essay, reflective essay, exploratory essay, expository essay and all others. Give references list, endnotes, in text citation, footnotes according to the writing pattern that you have set for your comparative essay or that what your teachers have asked you to follow such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian, etc.

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