Common mistakes in essay writing

  • Date: September 16, 2021
Common mistakes in essay writing

Essay writing is a process that requires devotion and absolute attention. Since human nature is lacking of both complete devotion and absolute attention, essay writing can be considered an overwhelming venture yet in fact it isn’t.

Essay writing can be simplified through commitment and practise. Practise helps one to familiarise with the pros and cons of essay writing whereas commitment allows them to develop.

Nevertheless, perfection is a fallacy that lies beyond the human grasp. Humans will forever remain susceptible to errors despite the level of maturity they acquire in any given field. However, by being cautious and vigilant, we can reduce the chances of slipping into these errs.

In essay writing, the first step into producing a sound essay is knowing the common mistakes involved with writing and working to avoiding those mistakes. Below are some of the common mistakes in essays associated with everyday writing.


Spelling mistakes are quite common in everyday writing. Typing errors, lack of sufficient knowledge on a word, variations in the pronunciation and writing of a word and impatience are some of the causes of spelling mistakes. Luckily, spelling mistakes can be quickly to rectified by proof-reading the written essay.  Modern typing software encompass intelligent designs that can as well be used to check for spelling mistakes with up-to 90% accuracy.


An essay is not a compilation of big words strewn together to form a mammoth of jargon. An essay is a summation of words that conjointly give a progressive account of a given topic. Vocabulary refers to the choice of words one decides to use while writing. It is important to be simple and relevant instead of trying to be profound. An essay should be kept urbane throughout in order to command a smooth read.


This refers to the act of repeating things that you had already said. Repeating words, phrases, themes etc. brings about monotony and boredom to the essay. When writing an essay one can make good use of synonyms when a word seems to appear too often. This ensures that the  constant usage of a particular word is avoided, hence creating a smoother feel throughout the essay.


Punctuation is the single most oppressive flaw in essay writing. It is not easily rectified by modern software so it can become a challenge to writers who are accustomed to using these tools for all their work. Punctuation is the use of characters to separate elements and draw clear meaning from phrases and sentences. Practise is the only way punctuation errors can be limited in one’s essays. One should not shy away from consulting text books or approaching a scholar who is familiar with this discipline for proper guidelines on how to punctuate their work.


This refers to the framework encompassing the essay. To develop a good essay, the context should be revised thoroughly. Plagiarism is a common short-coming in essay writing which should be avoided at all costs. The structure of the essay should be solid and progressive not mixed up. The conventional “TITLE, INTRODUCTION, BODY, CONCLUSION” type of structure should be adhered to unless your creativity is limitless.

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