College Essay Prompt Ideas and Writing Tips

  • Date: January 29, 2022
College Essay Prompt Ideas and Writing Tips

Are you applying for admission to your dream college? Does the college demand a personal statement? If you are on this page, you might be stuck selecting an inspiring prompt for your college essay. If it is so, then you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to share a few creative and inspiring prompts and some tips for an essay writer to begin working on his college essay.

If you are stuck, you should know that you are not the only one!

Here are some prompts to kick start your college essay:

  • Write about that watershed moment in your life that challenged your worldview? Did it change or influence your worldview? Why?
  • Describe some difficulties that you ever faced in your life. How did you overcome them? If given a second chance would you do anything differently?
  • Write about your life goals. How joining this college would help you achieve them?
  • What are you passionate about in your life? How are you advancing your passion? What makes it so appealing to you?
  • Explain any incident that has changed your life?
  • Write about some common problems in the world that you are concerned about. If ever given a managerial position, how would you do to deal with it? What are you doing about it at the individual level?
  • What is your favorite book? How has it influenced you? How do you relate to the character in the book?
  • If you are ever given a chance to be the president of your state, would you change anything in the government? How would you solve the problems of the masses?
  • Do you have any favorite sport? How has it shaped your life?
  • Write about the most memorable event of your life.
  • If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be? Why?
  • Why do you want to join this college? What inspires you to join this college?

In addition to these topics, you could always brainstorm and think of similar topics on which you can write a mind-blowing college essay. Moreover, many times you already have an essay that you have written for some other colleges. In that case, instead of writing another essay, you can tweak that essay a little and make it perfect.

I guess, by now, you would have chosen an essay prompt. If you have chosen a prompt, it’s great. But if you haven’t, then no worries. Here are some tips for you to come up with your own essay prompt.

Before you begin writing the first draft of your college essay, you should know that a college essay is about you. It is the second name of the personal statement. You do not have to worry about what the admission officers want to know. They only want to hear your story.

Think about yourself the best way you can. Everybody has some unique traits and qualities. You should look for those qualities that will make you stand out from the crowd. But keep in mind that your story should be answering the prompt while focusing on your distinguishing traits.

Your college essay writing should not be about anything that admission officers already know. They already have your transcripts and other personal data. So you should not be writing about those things in your essay.

If you really want your college essay to make a difference tell them what they do not know. They do not know what has changed your life. They do not know about the meaningful experiences that you have had during your life. Focusing on that would make you stand out.

If you are unsure about your writing abilities, it is better to take help from a professional essay writing service. It will give you a better and comprehensive understanding of writing an impressive college essay.

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