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Being a doctor sounds like a great job, a challenging one. Accelerated medical programs can further make the profession attractive. Is the medical profession really for you, though? What do you need to do or to be to fit right into the job?

You must have a strong interest in the medical sciences

Medical school admissions officials will look at the subjects you have taken as electives in high school. Are they mostly the sciences? They may also check if you fared well in your science subjects.

You must rank high in your graduating class

Your overall grades will, of course, matter. You cannot just have high grades but you also need to be on your graduating class’s top five or ten percent, especially if you want to enroll into an accelerated program. An accelerated program, being faster, will rely on your fast learning ability.

You must be serious about the medical degree

A medical degree takes time to achieve. An accelerated program lasts six years in its shortest duration. There will be a few more added years for specializations if you really want to move forward in the profession. So, you have to be serious about becoming a doctor. Don’t let your parents or friends decide for you.
If you do decide to take an accelerated medical program, you have to make sure you and your parents conduct enough research about its benefits.


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