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Much has been said about how Advanced Placement (AP) courses are credited better in college than International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Now it looks like AP courses are the ones that are moving towards incorporating IB features.

AP will make students choose essays to answer

The usual AP exam scenario is that students need to answer all the essay questions given. In the IB scenario, the students need only choose the essays they can and want to answer. AP will be using that same IB feature of letting the students choose. This way, AP teachers can discuss more topics, include them in the exams and students do not have to suffer with trying to beat the clock by answering everything.

AP will add a project component

One of the strengths of IB courses is the presence of the extended essay and emphasis on great essay writing in general. AP courses will now have a similar project component.

AP is becoming more flexible

In short, AP courses are becoming more flexible and more in-depth, just like the IB courses. The students will certainly benefit a lot from the more detailed subjects.
With a more in-depth curriculum, an AP diploma becomes even more advantageous. Not only does it score you more reliable college credits but now it also provides you with more knowledge.


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