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How to Have a Stronger Chance of Getting into Georgia Tech’s College of Management

If you are targeting the College of Management of Georgia Institute of Technology in particular, you may want to know what admissions officials are advising.

Stand Out

One way in which you can get yourself noticed by the admissions officials is by holding on to more knowledge about the program and the college. Conducting extra research shows extra effort. Show the college that you really want to be part of it. Take advantage of information sessions, especially webinars that allow you to know more no matter where you are.

Articulate Well

In your application essay, you have to be able to clearly explain why you want to be in the program. Your previous research may come in handy here. Of course, it is best if you are clear about what you want from the program. This way, you won’t end up ditching it before you finish.

Get a Good GMAT Score

A good GMAT score is still more important than your grades. So, make sure that you score well in your GMAT. While getting accepted does not solely rely on the GMAT, it may still help get you noticed and considered for a slot into the College of Management.

Top everything off with consistent performance in high school and a true interest in management and business and you may have a strong chance to get in.