Cause and effect essay outline – A complete guide

  • Date: November 10, 2021
Cause and effect essay outline – A complete guide

No doubt writing an essay is an uphill task for students belonging to all academic disciplines. The nature and length of the essay vary depending upon the subject. The unavailability of relevant data for writing an essay may cause depression and anxiety. Such a situation can become worse and challenging for most of the students who may have millions of chores to do. The issue is there is no way out except to write a very good essay assigned by the professor.

You should know all the techniques whether writing a cause and effect essay or an argumentative essay. Irrespective of the type of essay it is important that you should be able to incorporate relevant details that would support their stance. You may face a serious challenge in case of the unavailability of data.

Writing an essay is not rocket science rather by following a few particular techniques every student can potentially craft an extraordinary essay. I believe by following below given steps you can also write a good essay:

    • In literal terms, you should be able to differentiate between causes and effects. Sometimes different causes (things happen) result in effects (results). In essay writing, you should be able to organize and discuss ideas in a certain order.
    • For a good essay, you should be able to distinctively mention the information gathered. For example, why did an event happen, and what would be its effects. For example,
      • Cause
        • The car is out of gas.
      • Effect
        • The car would not start.
    • For writing such an essay you should focus on the outline of the essay. The purpose of the outline would be to catch the reader’s attention. Outline requires that you mention all the important points discussed in the essay.
    • The first paragraph would be an introduction where you would simplify the ideas given in the essay. You also have the option to generally discuss the topic and close it on a specific point or thesis statement. In the rest of the essay, you would explain the thesis statement.
    • The nature of each essay varies but the overall sequence would be the same where you would elaborate the thesis statement in each paragraph.

The structure of the essay can vary; it may include many causes and only one effect. One cause and many effects, chain of causes and effects followed by a conclusion in each essay.

  • Structure of essay with a chain of causes would be
    • Introduction
    • Body
      • Cause 1
      • Effect 1 = Cause 2
      • Effect 2 = Cause 3
      • Effect 3 = Cause 4 etc.
    • Conclusion
  • Structure of essay with one effect and multiple causes
    • Introduction
    • Body
      • Cause 1
      • Cause 2
      • Cause 3
      • The effect due to the causes
      • Conclusion
  • Essay with many effects and one cause
    • Introduction
    • Body
      • The Cause
      • Effect 1
      • Effect 2
      • Effect 3 etc.
    • Conclusion
  • You can write a very good essay by following the aforementioned steps.

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