Book Review Essay Writing

  • Date: March 12, 2021
Book Review Essay Writing


What is a book review essay?

A book review essay is an essay in which you analyze a book in a concise format. Review means to appraise or evaluate. In writing a book review essay, the writers need to evaluate and appraise the content of the book. Whenever a book review essay is written, the writer has to make a lot of effort. The book that needs to be reviewed must be read more than once. After reading the book for the first time, write in a notebook the points that click to your mind while reading the book. Write the issues or points that are persuasive according to you or that lead towards a central opinion. Never form an idea before reading or you will be biased in your activity of reviewing the book. For writing a book review essay, always remember to make draft first of all. A draft will help you out to find your own made mistakes and errors. While making a draft for a book review essay, remember to make the draft according to the writing pattern that you want to use for writing a book review essay such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian and all others. If you write a draft as the pattern requires, your book review essay will be accurately written and your teachers will find no pattern mistakes.

In writing a book review essay, inform the reader what you understood from reading the book, highlight the points that look persuasive and convincing to you and also highlight points that look weak and unnecessary. Read the book as a reader first and then criticize the book as a critic but do not try to find faults with the written content and writer. Identify the main idea of the book or the central theme around which, the whole data of the book is revolving. Check whether the topic of the book is according to the content given. Check whether the writer is successful in delivering his/her thoughts to the readers persuasively and influentially.

Always write originally with your own understanding and skill because if you try to copy comments and ideas from any other source, you will be disqualified in your book review essay because of the accusation of plagiarism that is also known as academic theft. Whenever you make use of an idea or thought by any other writer or author, always give appropriate references in form of in text citation, endnotes, footnotes and works cited page. Book review essays written by students need to be informative about the book, which is reviewed. A book review essay should not be a prejudiced or discriminated activity or it will not be able to get top scores.

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