Best Critical Essay Guide

  • Date: May 17, 2021
Best Critical Essay Guide

Critical essay writing is an exercise that needs enough effort and hard work by the writer. For writing a critical essay, the writer has to conduct deep research in order to check what aspects of a work are considerable for many critics. You can also write on a new aspect that you have found in a work while reading it but it must also be justified with critical and authorial quotations. Whenever give quotations, cite them properly according to the writing formats that are set for academic writing such as APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Oxford and all others. Whenever, you give appropriate in text citation, endnotes, footnotes, works cited page along with full referenced details, your critical essay is more appealing, authentic and reliable.

For writing a critical essay, read critical essays written by critics who are considered as reliable and influential critics such as T.S Eliot, F.R Levis, Dr. Johnson, A.C Bradley, Lacan, Mathew Arnold, William Hazlitt, Sydney and many more. After reading critical essays written by influential critics, you will come to know about how can you develop your argument and how can you persuade the readers towards accepting all your claims as true and authentic.

For instance, take the critical essay written by T.S Eliot, “Tradition and the Individual Talent”. In this critical essay, T.S Eliot points out the importance of tradition and compares it to the individual. According to his argument in his critical essay, the person who is more talented will keep his personality and art as two separate objects. According to Eliot, poet is not a personality but a more active sensibility. He must be impersonal. Mind and personality should work separately. A poet’s medium is his mind, which passes tradition. Eliot makes his argument moving from tradition to individual and then in the end concludes that a person who is involved in the practice of creating should be wholly separated from his creativity. A person who keeps his personality away from his creative writing is a part of tradition and those who fail to keep their personality separate vanish away gaining no place in the tradition.

As Eliot made an argument that looks persuasive and compelling, you can also make your own arguments not only for literary subjects but also for all other subjects such as psychology, philosophy, literature, sociology, political science, religion, history, law, international relations, arts, management and many others. After reading critical essay written by major critics of the subject on which, you are writing a critical essay, also check the details, which the writers include from various sources such as research papers, term papers, book reports, book reviews, dissertations, thesis, case studies and many others. After checking referenced details, you will also come to know about the referencing styles, which you can use for giving references in your critical essay.

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