Beside vs Besides? What Is The Difference

  • Writer: Harold Shewmaker
  • Date: September 22, 2022
Beside vs Besides? What Is The Difference

It is quite difficult to imagine that next to and next to are really different. After all, it’s only a single letter that distinguishes one word from another. It is these striking similarities that also make it difficult for students to use these words properly.


However, you will need to find the right usage next to or alongside correctly, especially when writing academic papers. This guide will provide you with proper instructions to ensure that you can use them properly, depending on the particular case.


However, to begin with, let us first look at the difference between next to and next to by looking at their individual definitions:


    • Next to: the word is a preposition – it can mean “next to” or “beside”.


    • Besides: this is both a linking verb and a preposition. It is most commonly used to mean, “also” or “in addition to”.


Now, you may also come across a term “besides that” while reading. Considering how similar it is to next, you might wonder if there’s any correlation between the words. Or, you might want to know how to use it, at least.


If you’re trying to figure out “what does that mean?”, the answer is pretty simple. This phrase means “in addition to” or “in addition to it”. So while it may look like the side-by-side, it’s used in quite a different way.


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Example of Writing next to it


In this section you will be able to find examples of how next to is actually written in a sentence. This knowledge can help you to teach you in the long run How to be a successful student? and get high scores. Not to mention, it will also further emphasize the difference between these two words. For example, how you can use next to and also in the same sentence:



I know it’s a bad habit but I keep my phone next to my bed and also keep the volume high.


Best friends sit next to each other for all classes.


You should always order water next to your plate when you eat



Another thing you might wonder about the word is a common saying. Therefore, you may be confused as to whether to write next to the point or next to the point. The correct usage of this word is “beside the main purpose; beside the main problem”.


Example of using next to in a sentence


Finally, let’s see how you can use next in a sentence. This can be a bit more complicated for some people, considering the definition of the word. So you can speculate on “how to use the word next to correctly?” After for example will be clear to you:



I don’t want to go to the dance tonight; BesidesI don’t have the right shoes for it.


Do you have any juice? Besides oranges and mangoes?



And if another question you ask is “can we start a sentence with the word next to it?”, the answer to this question would be yes. Just make sure to always book comma after doing so.


It doesn’t matter if you are still struggling with using these words, despite the instructions above. They really take a lot of practice to master. However, if you need to use them in your academic essays or papers, you should order essays online for instructions. This will give you a better idea of ​​when and where to use these words in your writing.


The best way to get more comfortable with side and side use is to read and write as much as possible. Also, get study support if you can so you can figure out how to use these words faster.


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