Assignment Writing Tips

  • Date: May 1, 2021
Assignment Writing Tips

For writing an essay, research paper, thesis, dissertation or any other writing, you are in need of writing tips, which are necessary for you for writing a good writable content. There are some steps in writing, which you should consider while writing but never forget to act upon the writing tips that are given to you. The free writing tips, which are given in the following paragraphs, are for all academic levels such as writing tips for college essay, writing tips for university essay and others as well.

Pre-writing is a condition that comes before you have started writing. In pre-writing, you have to investigate the area and topic for which you are going to write something. Remember that researching is the most important step that should be considered while writing. All kinds of writing tips will inform you about researching, as it is the major part of writing. Researching also comes in prewriting. You must be well read and the topic must be well researched before you start to write on it. Read the original contents from available sources such as journals, researches, books, magazines, articles, essays, papers and other informative content. Before, you begin writing; jot down the main ideas in the order in which they should appear. Use only the keywords or phrases, not sentences. You can make a full-fledged diagram containing text boxes, in which you will add keywords and central topic.

After pre-writing, comes writing. Once you have the material clearly in mind, put aside the sources from which, you have taken support in information collection. Refer only to your list of main ideas, and write the summary in your own words. It is important to do so in order to avoid lifting whole phrases and sentences from original contents. When you try to write your own, you will not be accused of plagiarism. You can refer to critical and authorial ideas in your own words but you have to refer everything in your references page along with footnotes and endnotes. The temptation to plagiarize is the result of lazy thinking; by picking up an author’s phrases and sentences and using them as your own.

Once you have completed your writing, reread your writing a number of times to find out any flaws and faults that you have done while writing. This step is called revising and is very important in writing tips. Ask yourself questions such as: Have I included all the important ideas? If I haven’t, how can I best include them?; Have I avoided all insignificant and unnecessary ideas?; Have I accurately represented specifics and generalities?; Have I used a simple and straightforward vocabulary?; Have I used a clear and effective sentence structure? Have I plagiarized? And so on.

After revising, comes the step of proofreading which incorporates activities such as checking of spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage and mechanics. Analyze the whole writing once you have revised it fully.

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