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Created to provide help primarily to the medical students of Massachusetts, the blog is a comprehensive medical blog that explores the journey of each medical student and medical school graduate, from admissions to choosing the right career option right after graduation.

Services and resources from the Mass Med blog

Although the Mass Med blog is designed primarily to help medical students in Massachusetts, medical students from all over the globe may check out this site as an excellent reference as well. There are various topics and blog posts which help medical students make the most out of their education, as well as in their future careers as healthcare professionals.

The MMS provides a wide array of services and resources to the 2,500 students who attend medical school in Massachusetts every year, ranging from financial support during medical school, to counseling for career options after graduation.

Excellent blog layout

This blog has an excellent layout, and the landing page is not only easy to the eyes but easy to navigate as well. There are helpful links which allow you to find the types of content you are looking for. The medical students of Massachusetts as well as those all over the country can refer to this blog both for their studies and career plans.


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