Animal Farm Essay Writing Guide

  • Date: January 16, 2021
Animal Farm Essay Writing Guide


What is an Animal Farm essay?

There are two types of animal farm essays. One is that in which you are required to write about George Orwell’s fiction, Animal Farm while other is that in which, you are needed to write about breeding of animals at an animal farm, dairy animals that are present in an animal farm, veterinarians and other aspects related to keeping animals at farm. Therefore, the animal farm essays are written for different types of audiences.

If you are required to write an Animal Farm essay on George’s Orwell’s fiction, then your Animal Farm essay will deal with issues such as socialist elements in the novel, animals portrayal as humans, characterization, the importance of Animal Farm according to critics and the society for which, it was written, writer’s style, his point of view about the society and war conditions, the delineation of animals and their degradation in terms of social values, creation of non-equivalent conditions for the animals and many more. Therefore, for writing an Animal Farm essay, you have to take into account one issue or aspect regarding the novel so that, your Animal Farm essay keeps on track and is relevant according to the Animal Farm essay topic that you select for writing an Animal Farm essay.

Suppose that you are going to write an Animal Farm essay for the issue of socialism in the novel. The information that you will include in the Animal Farm essay will be related to society, social values, Karl Marx theory related to Material worth, injustice, inequality and so on. In your Animal Farm essay, you will indicate to all these points and your included information should be properly cited with the help of in text citation, footnotes and endnotes. Whatever you use for assistance such as journals, books, reviews, essays, research papers, critical articles and other written contents should be acknowledged and referenced with full details using the writing pattern set for academic writing such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Oxford, Harvard and all others.

If you are required to write an animal farm essay for animal breeding, different kinds of animals that are reared at farms such as hens, sheep, horses, hogs, goats, dogs and other animals, medication and other facilities needed by animals or other issues regarding animal nurturing. If you have to write an animal farm essay such as essay about breeding, essays about dairy animal or others, you will have to write details regarding the particular issue about which, you are writing. Breeding essay on animal farm will contain details about various breeding techniques, breeding cycles, artificial insemination methods and others. Essay about dairy animals will incorporate information such as milking procedures and quality of milk, egg-laying conditions, rearing of dairy animals, vaccination needed for diary animals and many more.

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