An ultimate guide to write an annotated bibliography

  • Date: November 4, 2021
An ultimate guide to write an annotated bibliography

The annotated bibliography is a general account of previous research about any topic. Like other forms of bibliography, the annotated form requires enlisting research sources in the alphabetic pattern. Apart from providing the bibliographic information, the annotated form of bibliography gives a concise idea about the enlisted sources. It is important for getting the idea or making relevance to the topic. Depending on the academic tasks, the annotated bibliography is an important stage of research work.

Deciding about the sources:

The value and practicality of the bibliography is dependent on the quality of sources you choose. Prior to selecting the sources, limit the scope of your study. Limiting your study will help you make future judgments about what to include in your bibliography and what not. For creating the annotated form of bibliography, you are required to chalk out comprehensive research that relates with your topic. You need to ponder upon these questions for finding the appropriate sources for your research

  • What problem am I looking at? What are the pressing questions about the topic I have in my mind? If you are working on a large project, you need to drive your research based on a research question. However, if your bibliographic is generic in nature (e.g. aboriginal people in the world), you need to limit this down and try to express this information in a question (e.g. laws related to aboriginal people). You can create a series of questions as well.
  • What kind of academic material can help me? Are there any academic journals about that topic? Which books can help me in sorting the relevant data? How I will incorporate the press releases and what will be my primary research materials?
  • Do these sources make any relevance to my primary and secondary research questions? (You can consult the various footnotes to observe the dynamics of further research on this topic.)

Making the argument:

An annotated is basically about restating the primary argument presented in the publication. For an academic source, you must first look toward the thesis, hypothesis or the research question. Some studies also demand investigating the research methodology. Remember! analyzing the argument is a different task and you are not allowed to rephrase the argument. Here you just need to grasp the primary area and the thesis for enlisting in the annotation.

Creating relevance and valuing sources:

Now when you are done with making a plot for further research, you just need to sort out the relevant source. In doing that you will mention only those sources which have a link with your research. In the “Annotated Bibliography” crediting of the sources is most important which should be mentioned in any case. This is the most critical component of writing the annotated form of bibliography.

Seeking Guidance:

There are various samples available online that can serve as a guide for writing the annotated bibliography. If it’s your first time you may need some assistance from an expert essay writer. Furthermore, you can also get essay writing service through these experts. This assistance is crucial as many new writers seek help from different essay writing services.

Setting the document:

Now when you are done with completing your task, just have a look at the basic elements of the document. Your annotated bibliography must contain a summary of the source, name of the writer/s (that’s how you credit other authors), year of publication, name of the journal and publishing agency and a completed annotation mentioned before providing the summary.

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