Always Make your Essay’s Conclusion Concrete and Complete

  • Date: November 27, 2021
Always Make your Essay’s Conclusion Concrete and Complete

Concluding an essay can be taken as the most neglected step of writing an academic essay. A student is very likely to treat the conclusion as something that is not as important as the rest of the essay. An essay writer may just throw away a couple of sentences that look like they are summarizing your essay, but that does not make a good conclusion.

Why should I Care About a Little Conclusion?

Why is it important to spare so much thought for a concluding paragraph, you might ask…The answer lies in getting a little perspective. For a moment, forget that you are a student who has to get rid of an assignment. Become a reader of your own essay and you will immediately spot all the weaknesses in the way your conclusion has been written.

The Bad Aftertaste…

A badly written conclusion can spoil your entire essay because this is the last part of your essay that the professor will read. This part has to be effective enough to make a mark (a positive one, otherwise things can take a bad turn). It is almost like eating a very good meal and being left with a bitter aftertaste due to an imbalance of spices.

The Bitter Aftertaste!

All things considered, the aftertaste aka your conclusion is something that you must never take lightly. You have to make sure that you give it the right amount of consideration. Pause for a minute. I know the finish line is so close and you would like to run faster than ever to reach it, but you need to make sure that you don’t mess it up!

Thesis Statement and Supporting Arguments…

Conceptualize an outline for your entire essay. And then try to represent all of it in your conclusion. The idea is that your conclusion has to tie the entire piece together. You have to paraphrase all the arguments that you have made.

First, remember to restate your thesis. The thesis of your essay is the foundation upon which you based your argument. It has to feature proudly at the front of the center of your concluding passage. Make sure that you have mentioned a healthy thesis statement before in your introductory paragraphs.

All of your body paragraphs must have a topic sentence representing the supporting arguments. After re-stating your thesis, you need to connect all these arguments to this central idea one by one in your conclusion. The task is to make the different ideas into one unified whole to represent coherence.

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No New Ideas…

There are a few things to be remembered. You cannot present any new details or ideas in the conclusion. If you have just thought of a very good point and you think that you should put it down in your conclusion, please refrain from it. It is too late now. Your essay will be better off without a new point in the conclusion no matter how good it is.

Food for Thought…

No matter how good your argument is, you must refrain from vehemently insisting upon the veracity of the said argument because the reader must be given some space to understand your essay and to interpret in unique ways. You cannot force your deductions upon the reader. Always give the reader some food for thought in your conclusion. People like to be challenged in new ways. Consult an essay writer service for any further guidance.

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