All Work No Play Essay Example

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  • Date added: June 15, 2020

Growing up as a little girl I experienced some of the things life had to offer. My mother was very lenient on certain things that she felt comfortable letting me do. The one thing that my mother took very seriously to heart was my education. She expected me to do my best at all times. I guess her harsh critics worked because I have been on the honor roll since elementary school. Being smart was all I really knew how to be. You would think as a young girl I would be allowed to have some freedom after a long school day…wrong. After school I would do my homework, study, clean the house, get ready for school the next day and shower. By time all of that is done it is getting dark outside which basically means that my day of “play” is over. I became very adapt to this hardworking routine for years now and I still am doing the same routine. I spent most of my childhood inside the house because my mother felt it would “stray” me away from my education. However, my so-called greatest accomplishment was actually my mother’s disappointment… Back in my middle school days I was one of the most well-known nerds in the school. When I reached high school the work would increase in difficulty which could be either a good or bad thing for me. Knowing how complex my work will be now it only made me have to do one thing: try harder. Every time report cards are distributed I always bring home A’s and B’s. My favorite subject is math but for some reason Trigonometry was not all it was cracked up to be. Unfortunately, it was a little uncomfortable to comprehend but I tried my best and managed to receive a C as my final grade. It was a huge relief and accomplishment because I just knew in my gut that I was going to fail that class this year. The feeling of receiving that grade made me feel confident for the report cards to show up. When my mother looked at the grade I received she says:

“Oh that is nice… but you can do better though.” with a blank look on her face. My smile instantly disappears and it feels like all of my happiness was just pushed off a cliff. The only thing I desire most is for my mom to always be proud of me knowing that I tried my best. That is my motivation for when it comes towards my life in general: trying to satisfy everyone else around me. Until this very day I try my best when it comes to my education. I never get out much because all I focus on is school. It is great to be successful but sometimes I yearn to have fun and do what the other kids get to do. Apparently I won’t have time for that I just follow the rules and get what I need done to better myself. Maybe one day in the end it will all be worth it, so my mother can finally be proud of me.

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