Advanced debating techniques to nail your next debate

  • Date: January 21, 2022
Advanced debating techniques to nail your next debate

Even though you are a good debater and have excellent knowledge and experience of public speaking but still want to improve then there are many basic tips and tricks which you can use for improving your debating skills like being fully prepared, practicing more frequently, watching videos of best debaters, etc.

But if you want to ensure your victory you can follow some advanced debating techniques that will help you nail your next debate. Keep in mind that these tips and techniques would not make you a god of debating in one night as experience is the best way to become great at debating.

Here are some of the techniques that can be proved beneficial for a debate or essay writer:

    1. 1. Realize the most important arguments in a debate

“What? I thought every argument matters!” They do matter, but some are worth spending more time going over than others. What seems to be the deciding factor on somethings? Depending on the context of the debate, you should find what will work best for you to win.

    1. 2. Embedded Clash

It may sound hard, but it’s effective. Throwing evidence around doesn’t do anything, so try tying the pieces of your whole argument into one big force. Look at your opponent’s evidence. Embedded clash is the best way to answer directly conflicting arguments. Instead of racing to the margins of credentials, take a look at what they offer. Does the evidence assume things in the right context? Do some things just make no sense? Here’s a good tip, most articles tend to backtrack and answer some of their own arguments, so take advantage of that!

    1. 3. Know your own evidence

You want to know your own evidence so you know if what you have is junk or usable. You also want to go through your evidence carefully, because you’ll have to answer arguments that can go deep into the author’s words. Do not let the other team take advantage of your own evidence and turn it on you.

It also looks good to a “judge” when you explain what your evidence says without a hitch.

    1. 4. Drop, and turn

What does it mean by “drop and turn?”

Well, dropping arguments are really important. They allow you to have more time on the most pressing issues in a debate. When something doesn’t really matter anymore in a round, skip that and talk about something that sounds more convincing.

This extra time can give you some turns!

Turning an argument, simply put, is:

Opposition: The impact of doing this is stale memes.

You: TURN: the impact of doing this is dank memes.

Using a turn correctly can gain your OFFENSE! (that stuff can win you a debate!)

    1. 5. Don’t get flustered, and be quick

Getting mad about an opponent doing something unfair is fine, but you need to convince the judge that they are wrong. Getting caught up and sputtering out everything you have on them on one random piece of evidence would not be helpful. Move as quickly as you can through arguments and get to the spicy ones.

    1. 6. Be calm and confident

This comes with experience, however, it’s good to keep in mind. Keeping your emotions in check keeps you thinking clearly. When you’re clutching your hair while thinking of an answer, it doesn’t look good to the judge. Being confident is key, judges are going to have a hard time believing you if you sound like butterflies have physically replaced your gut.

If you are confused about writing a convincing debate, get professional assistance from an essay writing service now.

Have fun with whatever debate you will be in, whether it’s at a tournament, with friends, or with your mom!

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