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Georgia Tech’s College of Management prides itself for being able to find the best candidates by not just focusing on one category. What makes its admissions officials’ methods unique? Here is a look:

They Weigh Everything

Georgia Tech’s College of Management admission officials are not just looking for great grades and high GMAT scores; they are also looking for candidates who know what they want and can clearly articulate what they want. The GMAT or an optional essay can help in salvaging the candidates’ hopes of getting in if their high school grades are low.

They Think Ahead

Work experience and internships factor highly because the college is looking to have its students recruited by companies. Most companies are looking for employees who already have work experience not only because of these possible opportunities but also for the promotion of interactive class discussions.

They Foster a Sense of Community

The admissions officials accept only one group of students. This helps the development of a sense of community within these few chosen students. With fewer students in a college, much more attention is given to each one of them. Networks are built within but they are networks that matter because the strength of each student can be more easily recognized.

Because of the above, it is easy to see why Georgia Tech is among public universities that have the most loyal alumni.


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