Adding Counter Arguments to Persuasive Essay Outline

  • Date: February 21, 2022
Adding Counter Arguments to Persuasive Essay Outline

You always make an argument whenever you write an academic essay. The same is the case with the persuasive essay writing online. Furthermore, one also offers an argument while giving and discussing evidence. While the main purpose is to suggest why your notion must be considered correct. At the time when one places a counterargument, one also looks for an argument that is against the thesis. The counter-argument could be in opposition to the whole argument or some perspective of it.

Hence, this can be a fine approach to examining your own thoughts and opinions while drafting an outline for your persuasive essay. It is a good way but it may not be as simple as we think. Not every statement and objection is worth interesting and entertaining. So, an essay writer should not put an argument to fulfill the criteria of putting the argument. While some images of others’ views and conceptions that occur in good essays.

Every teacher expected to see counterarguments in students’ essays. Especially, when they have specifically asked for it. Consult the cheapest essay writing service to complete this task for you.

What to add in the counterargument section/paragraph?

Always remember, you will need to do more than only identifying an opposite statement or position. Also, respond to the contradictory point or position when writing the counterargument section. In this section, make sure you;

  1. Identified the contradictory argument.
  2. Responded to it by covering the reason that the argument is not complete and sound.
  3. Provided evidence that shows why the opposite argument is not sound nor offers the required description of the topic.
  4. Close while stating the main argument of your essay and the reasons for its credibility and strengths.

A counterargument in an academic essay has two (2) stages. A writer turns his/her argument for summoning it while they revolve that argument for reiterating. Adding a counterargument is important when you are working on your persuasive essay outline. It is important because it lets the reader know different positions, the way they exist, and how you respond to them. Furthermore, adding a counter-argument also offers you to make your work more credible. It also strengthens your main argument that supports as well as opposes the thesis.

Where to add the counterargument?

There is no specific place for a counterargument in your essay. It could appear anywhere in your essay. The same is the case with the essay outline. But most of the times, it appears;

  1. The main part of your essay is the introduction. Here, you will state your thesis statement. It is where a different view or opinion works as the motive for the essays. Hence, put your counter-argument as a part of your introduction. But remember; put it as it needs to be. You can also ask others for help and buy essay online now.
  2. In the section just after the introductory paragraph of the section: Counter Argument can be put in the very next paragraph after the introduction section of your essay. Here, your counterargument should lay the desired response before you create your own opinion.
  3. In other paragraphs but as a quick move: You can put your counterargument in a paragraph but make sure to use it for a quick shift. It means; add it where you see that sub idea (not main idea) needs to argue for you. Hence, adding a counter-argument would help you in it.
  4. In the last paragraph before the conclusion: Add a counter-argument in the paragraph before the conclusion as needed. It can add a lot to the accuracy and credibility of your work (essay). This is where you envision that a reader may object to your argumentation. So, do not forget to add your counter-argument when you think so. Do add it here because it needs to be added in such a case.

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