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The essay is the most common assignment in school, college, and university and has its own subtypes. This article will discuss the most insidious and complex type – an argumentative essay. Why insidious and complex? The whole problem lies in finding the arguments, or, in other words, the evidence that the writer uses to support ideas.

There are so many sayings in the world that an inexperienced writer can take someone else’s opinion as an authoritative source. Therefore, we have prepared an academic argument essay example, which reveals the topic’s essence well and does not mislead readers. Before we dive into the example of an academic argument essay, let’s learn more about argumentative papers.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is an academic paper that contains only facts and no emotions. An excellent argumentative essay has arguments that support the main idea and convince the reader of its correctness. Also, an argumentative essay includes careful consideration of the issue under discussion and strong suggestions that can convince the reader of the correctness of the author’s point of view.

The purpose of this type of essay is a deep consideration of any issue or topic. In such an essay, all aspects of the subject under discussion should be explored, considering all possible points of view. The argumentative essay requires a clear point of view, a well-described advantage of the writer’s position over other ideas, and strong conclusions.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay

You, as a writer, must grab the reader’s attention from the first lines. Therefore, it is worth starting an essay with impressive statistics, interesting authoritative statements, or unique facts. Also, in the introduction, there should be a thesis statement. This is a brief statement of your view on the issue under consideration. Having familiarized with the thesis, the reader will be more prepared for the perception of other paragraphs.

The thesis is a concise statement. This statement may concern the value of a given view of the subject under consideration, definition, causal relationship, course of action, etc.

Example of a strong thesis: The growing meat consumption in developed countries is one of the main causes of environmental pollution and thus significantly contributes to global warming. This thesis related to causation and a controversial and relatively narrow issue is well suited for creating an interesting argumentative essay.

How to Write a Body for an Argumentative Essay

In the article’s body, clearly state the information, confirming and refuting your point of view. Provide compelling evidence to support your opinion without obscuring proof that contradicts it.

There are many ways to build a presentation of a topic, and it is most important to touch on all aspects of the issue under discussion. Silencing information that goes against your point of view looks unethical and prevents the reader from getting an accurate idea of ​​​​the subject of debate.

Be sure to include in your essay counterarguments, that is, ideas that contradict your position, and explain why your point of view seems more logical and correct to you. Don’t call other opinions wrong, as this may alienate the reader.

How to Finish an Argumentative Essay

In conclusion, you should re-emphasize your arguments, convincing the reader to support your point of view. Try to tie the essay’s topic to your readers’ interests and values.

Emphasize the reader’s attention to the main ideas of your essay and repeat the main thesis, phrasing it differently. Conclusions should not contain any new information – the conclusion should summarize what you said earlier. Often articles end with a brief look at different ways of studying the issue under consideration.

Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples

Now that you are familiar with the concept of an argumentative essay let’s get back to the main element of this paper – arguments. Below are examples of arguments for an academic essay with perfect structure and tone. You can use these examples as inspiration.

Example 1. Should government workers be allowed to strike?

Thesis: Depriving civil servants of the opportunity to strike leads to a decrease in morale and restricts a person’s right to express his opinion freely.

Argument: Giving government workers the ability to strike strikes motivates their work. In other words, when workers are free to escalate about poor working conditions, it encourages them not to be afraid to take a job, as employers will hear them. The statistics on working capacity evidence this during the Second World War. People could not speak freely about labor problems, demonstrating a decreased number of workers.

Example 2. Love is a disease.

Thesis: Love is a dangerous tool that, in an instant, can break a person’s life or cause unbearable pain.

Argument: In 2000, scientists officially recognized love as a disease and included it in the international classifier of diseases under the code F63.9. Doctors have classified this romantic feeling as a psychiatric disorder. According to experts, in the stage of falling in love, people experience emotional and psychological instability, accompanied by insomnia and strange behavior. However, in this state, a person is not afraid of bacteria and viruses since the hormone of happiness is produced very quickly, which is the main factor that helps fight the common cold.

Academic Argument Essay Example: In Detail

Above, we have given several strong examples of arguments on various topics. However, with such a large flow of information, you can get lost, so let’s look at the example of academic argument in more detail:

Topic: Benefits of being a twin.

Thesis: Having a twin means having a reliable friend throughout your life.

Argument: The benefits of twins are especially evident in early childhood. “In the early years, twin children develop trust among themselves,” says MD, Harvard University.

Counterargument: However, sibling rivalry is not a problem because children form attachments to each other from birth.

In this academic argument essay example, you can see a strong statement in favor of the writer. The writer reinforces his concept with the statement of an authoritative person, thereby increasing the readers’ trust in the text. Also, the writer uses a counterargument, answering the reader’s exciting question. In other words, the writer looks at the idea from two sides, which is the main feature of the argumentative paper.

Tips for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

Concluding the article, we would like to leave tips for a successful argumentative essay. In addition to using strong arguments, you should take care of the following aspects:

When writing an essay, use standard techniques. Sequentially express your thoughts, remembering the goal.
Include only essential information in your essay. Stay consistent with the topic at hand.
Divide the text into sections devoted to considering individual aspects of the problem.
An essay can consist of 4-10 sections, depending on the specific topic.
Be respectful of other people’s ideas. In support of your opinion, give accurate facts, and in no case stoop to insulting other authors.

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