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Academic argument being your claim or your stance, it depends on how you support it by giving evidences. After reading all the five passages I realized that every claim is an argument based on how you support it. I picked two passages as examples of academic arguments, Elizabeth Derse’s article “Identifying the source of Nitrogen to Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Utilizing the Nitrogen Isotope and Jason Castro’s article “Do Bees Have Feelings?” The authors are giving out their claims and supporting their argument. Elizabeth talks about the coral reef ecosystems as essential marine environments around the world and she explains how it is of great benefit especially to people who live tropical coast.

She continued to support her argument by saying that the income from tourist and some industries like fishing industries has led to economic prosperity of many countries. She added that plant and animals from the coral reef ecosystems are sources of natural products and medicine. At the end of her passage she mentioned that degradation of coral reefs will have a devastating impact on people living along the coast. Throughout the passage she claims and strongly support the fact that coral reef ecosystems are of great value and should be taken care of.

In second last passage, Sarah argues on whether bees have feelings just like human beings. She says that invertebrates lack structures like the cortex, amygdala and other main structures of the brain and their nervous system is quite small. The structures she mentioned are responsible for feelings and emotions and so she thing that since these insects lacks the structure means they lack feelings. However, she thinks that some invertebrates do posses the rudiments or our stress response system and so they do have feelings. Her question is whether these insects experience emotions in a way that we would recognize, or they just react to the world with a set of glorified reflexes.

Elizabeth’s argument is the most formal and academic. This is because she provided enough support for her argument by mentioning most benefits of coral reef ecosystem. According to me, Sarah’s argument is the least formal and academic due to insufficient support to her claim. Sarah talked about the nervous system only which is not enough to support her argument. She also doesn’t have a stand in her argument that way we can’t really tell if she believes that insects have emotions or not. For me, I would provide more support to my argument in order to convince my audience in an easier way.

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