A Research Guide on How to Start an Essay

  • Date: January 20, 2022
A Research Guide on How to Start an Essay

Essay assignments are pivotal in every academic tenure and professors from various disciplines prefer to give essay writing assignments. From high school to university, students write essays covering a vast range of topics. Along with quizzes, writing an essay assignment has a unique significance. A good essay indicates that students can express ideas taught by professors.

The nature of the essay may vary from writing simply an essay to term paper or dissertation. Every one of these requires separate techniques and expertise to follow only then a student would be able to write. Writing an essay can be a tricky task even for hard-working and intelligent students and if they are unsure how to start an essay, even an easier task can become daunting. Though there is no universal sequence to write an essay, the following research guide can be helpful while writing one:

    1. Primary and secondary data

A research essay has to be unique from previously written essays. The specific purpose of a research essay is to search for something new in the respective field. Finding data may be a tricky part. Data means a complete set of information from which students will extract essays. Sometimes writing an essay may require primary and secondary data; both types have different implications.

    1. Filter out the relevant data

The essay writer may find it difficult to look for relevant data that is why the easy method is to filter out the relevant data. It can work in two ways; first, the writer can look for maximum data about a relevant topic. Second, he can filter the most relevant information related to his research topic. Filtering out data is important before writing an essay as it would save the writer’s precious time.

    1. An intriguing topic for the essay

For writing a good essay a writer should come up with a very relevant and catchy topic. The nature of the topic may vary depending upon the audience, region, and essay requirement. If a student is writing an essay on current affairs then his topic must be relevant to the subjects. For instance, in the 21st century after the war or terror, terrorism, and economic crisis the most important issue is COVID-19.

    1. Unique research topic

For a good essay, the research topic mustn’t be random or a topic that is excessively covered by researchers throughout the world. It is a basic attribute of research essays that usually get published in research journals. The uniqueness of the topic enhances the significance of the essay and writer. Uniqueness also means that the essay should have presented new arguments and have added new knowledge and ideas to the topic.

    1. Include interesting facts and figures

The writer can also add interesting facts about the topic because it would increase the reader’s attention. It will also add authenticity to the essay.

    1. Significance of the thesis statement

The writer should mention the thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay. Normally a thesis statement also tells the reader about the direction of the essay. Writers should start an introduction to generating information than narrow it down to a specific point. Then he will discuss a specific point in his essay.

    1. Star from a quotation

The writer can also start an essay by a famous quotation relevant to the topic. The relevant quote adds credibility in the essay and it also shows the grasp of the writer on the topic.

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