A Quick Guide to The Types of Qualitative Research

  • Date: November 2, 2021
A Quick Guide to The Types of Qualitative Research

Getting yourself lost in qualitative research, ethnographies, and focused group discussions were hardly what you dreamed about. But remember, qualitative research will remain to be a part of your academic life. And then your career.

Qualitative research believes that research can and should never be neutral and impartial. The researcher always has a mark on what is studied. A researcher is more liberated to make observations and draw interpretations.

It is not like qualitative research does not have any rules or that it’s not systematic. You still have to learn some jargon and understand some concepts from the scriptures of methodology. Therefore, most students ask others to write my essay to get done with their qualitative research paper.

Know the Difference between Skills and Tools!

First of all, there is a difference between research strategies and types of research. If you don’t, you could sit around with your structured or unstructured interview, not knowing where to use it and trying not to get laughed at while you attempt to hide your embarrassment.

Types of Qualitative Research

The skills are the types of research that you need to know if you want to become a pro qualitative researcher. Or at least get through this assignment.


Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a pro. When it comes to types of qualitative research, the first and the most popular type of qualitative methodology i.e. ethnography. An ethnography studies a particular culture, community through participant observation.

Participant Observation

Yes, take that literally. You are a participant. And you observe. You take field notes and interpret these along with data gathered through various strategies. That’s about it.

Participant observation affords the unique opportunity to make sure that the researchers get the real native experience. Real and unadulterated.

Phenomenological Research

Phenomenological research is just the study of a phenomenon. Any event or behavior that piques the interest of a researcher to study it deeply is included in phenomenological research. Here, everything is (at least) remotely related to human life.

Grounded Theory Research

Grounded theory research is responsible for explaining many quantitative studies. It provides an explanation for events by profoundly studying them and coming up with patterns and predictions. In case you are wondering, this is how detailed theories are formulated.

Case Study

A case study should be the most familiar to you because of its widespread usage in different fields. It treats any subject matter as one case. And studies this case in great detail. A case study is very narrow in terms of its sample but it is extensively and painstakingly detailed as it focuses on just one case. You will be surprised by the sheer amount of data that one case can yield!

Narrative/Historical Research

Narrative and historical research simply is the detailed study of events with respect to their contexts. The context is what makes this kind of research so useful. The events or characters come to have an intimate connection with history.

For each of these types, various strategies like structured/unstructured/semi-structured interviews, focused group discussions, observation and review of records, documents, and other data sources can be used. I hope that straightens it all out for you.

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