A Brief Guide to Help you Write a Synthesis Essay

  • Date: October 29, 2021
A Brief Guide to Help you Write a Synthesis Essay

Before figuring out how to start a synthesis essay, it’s crucial to identify what the meaning of this essay type is. It’s a written piece of paper that allows making an overall review of the main idea, subject, or topic, using multiple resources in order to learn how to gather information from them to build a strong claim.

If you are writing a synthesis essay for the first time then you may not know how to write one and what to include in each section of it or what content is required for it. If you are continuously thinking and stressing about who do I ask to help me write my essay for free then stop worrying. There are many legit sites that provide you with a guideline for writing a synthesis essay. These guidelines are available for free so take benefit from it and start writing a high-quality essay.

The format of a synthesis essay is like any other essay and every student must be familiar with this format. It consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Before you start writing, you can create an outline that will help you in planning your paper more efficiently and also in structuring your essay. Write the main points, arguments, supporting evidence in proper sections.

While writing this information you need to make sure that all this is relevant to your topic and supports the claim that you have made in your thesis. Also, you got to check the sources carefully that you are going to use for your paper. Here is a brief guide that will help an essay writer to write a synthesis essay:


In this section of the paper, you have to introduce the topic that you are going to write about. Write the background and relevance of the topic. Keep your introduction brief but develop a tone that will hook the readers up. Do not compromise on the starting sentence of your introduction and try to make a strong first impression through it.

It is also important to keep in mind the audience you are writing for that will help you in writing content that will grab the attention of that specific audience. You may also include the texts in your introduction that you are going to be synthesized in the paper. The last sentence of your introduction must be a thesis statement that establishes your claim along with its rationale.


Each paragraph of the body should present one argument discussed in detail. Support your arguments and claims with evidence and give proper references for each supporting evidence. Present counter-arguments to your thesis in the first paragraph. This exhibits that you are able to think from an opposite point of view and recognize the difference of opinions.

Also, this ability is really valued at the higher education level. But make sure that the counterarguments you are presenting are not that strong so it discredits your claim or stance you have taken. The next paragraphs should include arguments in favor of your thesis. You have to structure each paragraph according to the synthesis format. Write a topic sentence, evidence, supporting evidence, and analysis of each evidence presented in each paragraph.


Conclusion, as you know, is usually a summary of your whole paper. Wrap up your synthesis essay by restating the main points you have presented. Explain the importance of your topic and you can also talk about any unanswered question in the concluding paragraph.

This article has covered some aspects of writing a synthesis essay but if you still have trouble writing the essay or any part of it you can take the help of an essay writing service. You will be connected to professional writers that are able to provide you with top-notch quality essays that meet the top standards.

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