10 thesis statement examples for your argumentative essay

  • Date: February 9, 2022
10 thesis statement examples for your argumentative essay

If it is the first time you are writing an argumentative essay, you might be wondering about someone who can help you write my essay in such a way that should help you attain a favorable grade. An argumentative essay is a very important and significant type of academic writing. The most essential step is to come up with a topic for writing such an essay that provides you with all the relevant details and must have a lot of arguments to support the thesis statement or the basic premise of your paper.

This blog will give you a detailed insight into the thesis statements for argumentative essays and their development. Remember that the first paragraph of an argumentative essay (also known as the introduction) cannot function well without a thesis statement. If you are unsure about taking a specific position, you can always look up strong thesis statement examples online. You can either write separate paragraphs, for instance, one paragraph in the support of your thesis statement and the next presenting the opposing claim for it. Or you can include two sides of a perspective in the same paragraph which will create a dramatic look.

Paragraphs written for the body of the essay must ensure that the questions stated in the introduction are duly answered. These paragraphs should also project the queries which are interpreted from the thesis statement. Most frequently, the body paragraphs pertain to the reasons and evidence which help the essay writer in supporting the argumentative claim. As the body paragraphs are crucial for the strength of the argumentative essay, here you will learn about how to perfect the art for creating a thesis statement:

  • It should be engaging
  • It should challenge the readers
  • It should perfectly merge and adapt to the remaining paragraph
  • The transition from the thesis statement to other paragraphs should be very smooth

Here are 10 thesis statement examples for your argumentative essay writing. Hope you get inspiration from at least one of these. . .

  1. In order to have herd immunity, we must require that all healthy and able children be vaccinated. This is because many children are unable to vaccinate due to illness.
  2. School differences eradicate the visual variations between children and the social statuses of their families. They provide an egalitarian status, therefore they should be not considered as an upfront cost by the families or the guardians of the children.
  3. For low-income students, schools and other educational institutions should provide resources during summers, so that students are able to remain in touch with their curriculum.
  4. Public libraries are not essential resources for communities. Therefore should not be heavily funded by the state governments. Instead, the funds should be used for the health sector.
  5. Cyberbullying is the cause of suicidal thoughts, constant anxiety, and depression in youth. Parents should constantly monitor their children’s activity online.
  6. Marijuana prescriptions that are medicinal in nature should be legal in all states. Therapy or other medical services should also be researched as far as the health benefits of marijuana are concerned.
  7. More work from home opportunities has resulted in a better work-life balance for individuals. There is a need to focus research on the intended and unintended benefits of work from home.
  8. Youth should be taught about consensual sex while they are in high school.
  9. The promotion of the image of a healthy woman, collectively as a culture, needs relentless efforts from a lot of stakeholders.
  10. Assisted suicide should be legalized and normalized in the contemporary era.
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