10 hook examples to grab the audience’s attention

  • Date: February 9, 2022
10 hook examples to grab the audience’s attention

Do you want the readers or your teacher to get amazed when they read your essay?

Are you struggling to write an impressive essay but there are already a lot of deadlines?

Are you already stressed about the thought of writing an amazing essay but there’s not enough time?

By lending a really catchy and intriguing character to your introduction, you can easily interest the readers in your essay. This is the most important and simplest method to grab the attention of the audience towards your impeccable piece of writing. There is a need to get familiar with attention-grabbing essay hooks that significantly engage the audience of your paper. At the end of this blog, you will be able to come up with a really interesting hook example of your own! But first, an essay writer needs to know what really is a hook?

A sentence or a cluster of sentences that instantly attracts and engages the audience into reading your essay is a hook. Through these hooks, readers remain glued to the essay and wonder what will unfold for them in the subsequent paragraphs.

We will get you familiar with 10 examples of essay hooks in this post that will grab the attention of your readers the next time you write an essay

    1. If you are writing about the adverse effects of climate change, you can quote the Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton when she said, “Climate change is such a consequential crisis to everyone in this world.”

This does not mean that you should fill up your essay with quotes. Rather you are free to use a powerful or thought-provoking quote at the start of your essay writing as long as it can be associated with the thesis statement of your essay.

Let’s look at some other examples. . .

    1. Here’s a fact: 1 in 5 Americans are suffering from some kind of emotional or psychological challenge! (Statistical hook)
    2. Remember to not make someone a priority who only takes you for an option. (Emotional advice hook)
    3. I know one thing; that I know nothing! (Contradictory statement hook)
    4. Merit is the quality of being particularly good or worthy of any position. (Definitional hook)
    5. There is a maximum likelihood that marriages between humans and robots will become legal by the year 2050. (Sweeping/strong statement hook)
    6. ‘I always thought I would be able to cover my story as a journalist in the most fearless manner. Little did I know that it will be a long way before I will overcome my fears. (Personal story/anecdote hook)
    7. You worked really hard on a project that you feel confident about. A friend, who works in a different department, raises several questions and points out flaws in your work. If you accept their criticism you will have to re-do your entire work and fall behind on your timeline. If you do not accept their opinions you may have produced sub-par work. What do you do? Why? (Dilemma hook)
    8. What did one ocean say to the other?

Nothing… they just waved. (Humor or pun hook, this can be the most interesting introduction to your essay if you connect the punch line with the thesis statement of your essay)

    1. What is life?

What is love?

What is the purpose of the truth? (Examples of rhetorical questions for hooks)

This hook will engage your reader because these devices make a reader think about a piece of writing in a completely different way.

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